Tips for your Air Conditioner during Winter Season.

Air Conditioners are nowadays buddy to keep us cool in Summer, but before summer often we don't use our AC units for a long time. When summer starts an unused AC for a long time might not work and cool the room.

So before we stop using it SevaMart is going to provide you tips to keep your Air Conditioner ready and working in good shape before next summer starts and we face the heat of Patna.

Follow tips below to prepare your AC in Winter season that will keep AC fit when the hot months roll in summer:

  1. To safe-guard, the outside unit called condenser in split AC we can put a plywood on top of it to save it for rain also keep the surrounding clean cut small plants/grass around it if your unit is on the ground. Don't cover it completely, however.
  2. Clean the Air filters of AC and we should run the unit in Dry Mode for few hours before we stop using it in winter.
  3. Consider removal of batteries from remote and put it at a place you can grab in next season.
  4. Clean the outdoor unit with water and brush as dust stick to it commonly.
  5. Turn off the main power switch going to AC unit when leaving it unused for a couple of weeks. 

Some Considerations and Precautions: 

  1. If you find any leakage in AC Duct pipes, you should get it fixed from experts to prevent leakage of AC refrigerant gas during the winter season.
  2. If you see any damage in parts of internal ac unit or outdoor unit get it fixed from an expert.
  3. Turn On the AC units sometime in winter to keep unit properly working it's good to have fixed it offseason in case unit fails to work just before summer.

If you are not in a position to do this all you can always find Seva Mart's expert AC technicians in Patna to do all repair and maintenance for you. We are most trusted and reliable brand for AC repair services in Patna. When your Air Conditioner gets a malfunction our trained professional will provide you doorstep repair service and bring your home the cool air back in summers. Follow our Facebook page for updates or see SevaMart blog for more home care tips and offers from SevaMart.